Collection: Fiji Photos - Photos of Fiji Surf and Ocean

Fiji Photos
Looking for the best Fiji ocean photos and Fiji beach photos? Bo Bridges has shot thousands of the most amazing surf photos and seascapes. SomeĀ of his favorite Fiji ocean photos are his favorite photos of all time.
So what makes for great Fiji photos? Typically it's the light, the time of day, people on the beach - but many times the feeling of the pastel colors in the photo evoke a sense of calm. GreatĀ FijiĀ photos should help the viewers feel relaxed and inspired.Ā 

Fiji Surf Photos
The way to showcase action photos on the wall of your home or office is with black or color frame with a lot of white space behind the image on the wall.

Fiji Beach Photos
Many people find images of beaches inspirational and calming. Bo shoots these images to create that effect where you live.